I have been tinkering with turning my work's purchasing software into a top down RPG conveniently called "KPS: The RPG".

My theory is while some time might be initially lost the desire to "level up", collect rare items, components, and over all compete with other users would dramatically increase the user knowledge and maneuverability in the system. Of course that's the pretty executive summary, while I am more interested in having a different "view" of something considered boring and humdrum.

Oh, that link in the subject header - that was created as a place to send folks who constantly beg, whine, and badger me for 'teh codez' to make a videogame. I swear if I had a nickel for everyone who contacts with a World of Warcraft clone that has freaking laser beams on gnome heads instead of standard safety helmets or their own uninspired view of a 'forest boar', but have zero inkling in learning to write code or provide any of the basic grunt work I would.. I would have a small pile of nickels on my floor. So that link is where I send folks and so far I rarely get repeat requests for 'teh codez'.

.NET 4.0

I have to say, I positively adore the .NET 4.0 framework. We are slowly changing gears at work to keep pace with the new features, but sadly we cannot upgrade SQL to 2008 and as such Reporting Services is holding back our application advancement. LINQ is an interesting little diversion, but I have a large problem of letting go to specifically named types. Seriously, who is down with declaring a variable of an unknown type and letting the 'set' statement define it for you?

Contributions to

VB.NET: Simple drawing selection shape (or rubberband shape)

VB.NET: Intro to "skinning" and application

PHP: PHP - A dynamically created order form and receipt emailed to owner.

A Basic Binary Trees

Basic Parallel.For 101

Custom User Controls: Knobs

OOP with Video Game Basics Part 1

Setting up a PHP web service to be consumed by VB.NET


Much like the rest of the world I have a fuzzy desire to write a book and collect the 'phat loot' from having it published. Many people over the years have come to me and pitched ideas of what their book would be like, and with no hint of elitist attitude I explained that while everyone has the ability to write most should not. That would explain why I am dragging my feet on getting thoughts to screen - I am letting the concepts fester and ferment in my brain before they are unleashed upon the general population.

I was initially looking at a book of short stories I have entertained friends with over the years, college papers that I swore would be published one day, and a wee poem I rediscovered in my third grade writing journal. This has swung to a more unified front of a single theme book on aspects of my own life. I'll probably dump the collection book out afterwards to what... an adoring fan base of fifteen or twenty folk.

Graphic Design

I finally got around to purchasing a Wacom Bamboo (small) graphics tablet and have had a blast converting doodles and sketches to digital formats. I am still getting a hang of the small area and some of the functionality, but over all I am highly pleased at the results. If anyone wants me to start posting them here (versus the other internet cubbie hole I usually drop them on) email me or drop a comment in the blog.


Little know fact - I was a hair's breadth away from going to graduate school to get a Masters or a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence. Seriously! I spent quite a sum of money applying to schools like Colorado School of Mines, Mizzou, and else where in a quest to find a good fit for my intentions. The GRE was a pain, but well worth the testing to know I was a fair distance a head of the curve. (un) Fortunately at the last minute I veered away from school and decided to ride out what I got so far. To date I do wonder where I would be if I stayed the course (I would have started in the fall of 2004), but the unexpected benefits of not sequestering myself away in the ivory towers have been quite fulfilling.