~ Me ~

The quick hit points about me are as follows. I am a senior application developer - I've been doing that for some time. I did stint as an QA tester before that. Before that (and this is digging into the dark ages) I worked various positions in a credit card fraud department.

Currently I am wrapped up in a few long term projects. The first being making an old purchasing system I worked on into a RPG. It's a great way to throw down some XNA, right? I am also brushing up on my doodling and art skills. I bounce around between vector posters and free hand oddities. Good times. Additionally, and probably the crux of this website, I am continuing to write more. Granted blogging is a questionable way but eventually I am gunning for a vanity book or two.

Hardware Interaction:

I am now investigating programming with hardware - boe bot kids, fez II panda boards, and some aurduino. My aim is to make some drones and see what fun that might bring!

High School Policy Debate

Fun fact - I was a policy high school debater at Millard North high in Omaha, Nebraska. I was moderately to largely successful in the local circuit, and later slaved away as a judge and semi assistant debate coach. I even was graced with a prestigious award from Westside High School after having to deliver one of the most controversial decisions of my career. Don't let the kids know, but helping them progress from scared-deer-in-the-headlights novice teams to surly cocksure varsity punks is a source of enjoyment for me.