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2014.01.30 (10:31): Dr Feelgood?!

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
I just dropped my hundo on a Motley Crue and Alice Cooper ticket. Section B, row 19.

\m/ \m/

Fuck yeah!

2014.01.15 (23:16): New neighbor...

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Posted by: modi123
I heard some thumping around in the joint above me.. it seems I have a new neighbor.. I am unclear who it is or any deets, but they are loud enough I can hear them on their phone - abet muffled.

About time.

2014.01.11 (23:22): .. and like that - he's gone.

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
I just got the shitty news from Pop's that Pete died a scant thirty minute ago. I guess dad was out with some people, got home, found Pete on the footstool wheezing and drooling.. Pops was trying to get him up to see what was happening, and Pete gave his last breath in his arms.

Such a classic Pete maneuver - hold out until the most important person in his world was there and then close his eyes for good.

No more Pete chasing squirrels, no more Pete crawling up and snorting on you, no more Pete haircuts or nail trimmings, and no more Pete to fetch undersized balls and stuffed animals.

For a fourteen pound King Charles Spaniel he was a hell of a dog. Loyal like the day is long, attentive, and always there to cuddle.

Pops is really fucking tore up and, frankly, nothing spooks me worse than that. Well.. anymore.

Time to play the game of "let's not drink too much tonight".

2014.01.10 (15:38): Frustration mounting..

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Posted by: modi123
Have I mentioned, recently, how much I am hating this insurance project I am doing? Oh.. a quick little jaunt, knock it out, get paid, and all that jazz has now turned into some sort of slow gunboat up the Nung River.

I hate it with every day I am not paid..
I hate it with every email I get regarding it..
I hate that I did not put my foot down on the neck of some of these "enhancements" earlier on.
I also hate that I said, multiple times, up front and in the first review of the doc they sent that there wasn't enough information or specifications.. too much gray area and that leads to confused clients and hours of rework because I interpreted one spec and the client thought of it as another.
I also hate how I need to crank on it some more tonight... and probably tomorrow.
Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Unless I am part of some poor and elaborate ruse it seems Lori is no longer co-owning the 'box.

Some sort of tiff with the other owner and *poof* like that she's done.