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2009.04.30 (11:51): Losing his mind?

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
DK seems to be acting... strangely this last week or so. Since his not-discussed-promotion to 'team lead' and getting his 'own team' he has been solidly using the excuse of 'administrative work' in standup meetings for the last week or two. At random points in the standsups he starts ragging on our 'outsourced folk' with out actually mentioning them by name.

Today he "conducted" the stand up meeting in an even more odd fashion. The usual meeting starts with him babbling about stuff the it goes to the left of him around the circle explaining what they are doing today and what they did yesterday. That occurred in today's meeting, but then he required to go BACK in reverse order and verify each person had something to do. WHAT!? Didn't we just do that?


I being the clever chap required him to verify he had work items to do as well. Huzzah.

He also has been ramping up his frustrations with meeting?'s incompetent skillz. I thought DK might even bitch slap meeting? for a second. Oh well. The life on the lowest run of management.

2009.04.26 (14:33): Toad the Wet Sprocket!

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Toad's back together and coming to town!! Stir Concert Cove! July 24th! $25.00!

My heart rejoices and is glad!

2009.04.24 (22:06): The sweet smell of victory!

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Yahoo just announced they are closing down geocities. I was shocked, appalled, and generally disgusted. I had a website with geocities all the way back from mid 1997. I didn't do much post 2001 with it but I kept it alive with enough changes in file content to stave off the "no updates in three years; update or be deleted".

I log into the old geocities account (thankfully a yahoo password I remember) and begin the hunt for the ftp log in. Wait! What? No ftp login because it's free?! What's this 4.5mb cap an hour? Damnit how the hell am I going to get my files off in a timely manner? No matter - I took an adobe plug in, reconfigured a few things, and proceeded to let it data rape the whole 20mbs in about three minutes. THe most annoying part was the inserted javascript from yahoo I had to remove off ten or twenty html pages. Arg.

Rummy reminded me of the old geocities address: athens/acropolis/4921

Damn it still works.

I will have to raise a toast to the old page. She did me well for a long time. Not to mention twelve years of existence taking up a meager portion of the internet.

RIP 4921, RIP.

2009.04.24 (10:28): Sad day..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
I just found out geocities is closing down. Aw shit. I have a website I moderately maintained back in high school (1997 to be exact) that I need to backup and archive. Sad. The pictures were quite.. amusing.

2009.04.23 (21:25): Presentation? Oh yeah!

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
My presentation is chalking up quite a few slides. Thankfully I am done with the whole "let's build a project because you are stupid" and will be moving into the more 'advance' stuff which will require less slides and more interaction.

I have to say my bomb diggity graphics will totally keep people up and going... I have me the space cadet.. a few ships going "pew pew pew", a nice space background... hot damn! Hopefully it is all fairly unobtrusive.

I have a few monsters / robots sketched out.. but I need more.. like three or so more. We'll see how that goes. I think I will be sketching them out on the back of keno tickets.

I am just damn giddy about the whole thing..