DK seems to be acting... strangely this last week or so. Since his not-discussed-promotion to 'team lead' and getting his 'own team' he has been solidly using the excuse of 'administrative work' in standup meetings for the last week or two. At random points in the standsups he starts ragging on our 'outsourced folk' with out actually mentioning them by name.

Today he "conducted" the stand up meeting in an even more odd fashion. The usual meeting starts with him babbling about stuff the it goes to the left of him around the circle explaining what they are doing today and what they did yesterday. That occurred in today's meeting, but then he required to go BACK in reverse order and verify each person had something to do. WHAT!? Didn't we just do that?


I being the clever chap required him to verify he had work items to do as well. Huzzah.

He also has been ramping up his frustrations with meeting?'s incompetent skillz. I thought DK might even bitch slap meeting? for a second. Oh well. The life on the lowest run of management.