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2010.05.29 (23:00): SHow to jim..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
.. or someone at this blasted work place..

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

2010.05.26 (00:33): Cluster f'n...

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Posted by: modi123
Oh today was 'Patch 2: Dance Fever' day... well night.. After getting all our crap put together, checked a million times, and then a meeting it was announced we would do the move at 10pm tonight. Okay.. odd time but sure.. I've rolled to prod a million times and we would all be done by 11... nope.. their freaking meeting request of 10pm to 1am is looking to be short... It sounds like they are 1/3 of the way done and it's 12.30am now..


I am all for the over time or what not we are paying for but this is fucking absurd. Screen shots - yes.. good idea.. BEFORE THE FREAKING MOVE YOU MORONS.

Communication - it's good when it happens!

Ugh... It would be nice to sleep in like everyone else still up and waiting for this stupid move, but no.. I have to get all the patch 3 crap pushed out and only eight of the 24ish things are even looked at... let alone the deployment and checking in of patch 2 crap.

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Posted by: modi123
It turns out the meeting went really well since I made it progress from knowledge transfer to areas in question in a sequential manner - versus jefe's looping half speech.


Of course it was just found out sticks didn't move a procedure to all the environments when he moved it to production. This caused a hiccup - aka time out - from the database on SIT and the head tester now questions everything regarding reliability and how much *really* match production (plus the changes in patch 2).

This whole last week and a half CB's been the poster child for fucked up testing and moving. Now it appears the testers are going to use CB as a lightening rod to shove up the ladder and push for a 'release manager' to be involved to moves to production. Dear god no... any other project.. we've had enough.

Mark's freaking out. He's been in panic mode since last friday when jefe yelled at him for our testing or lack there of. This makes him more freaked out. He might snap. He might quit. He might.. I don't know what else... never come back?


2010.05.19 (12:51): 10 minutes out..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
... with a meeting with Jefe, FoB, Sticks, and Mark. The word, and impression from Mark, is Jefe is pissed about everything.. about our project slowing down testing, how stupid we are as testers (regardless of the hoops and complexity the testers go through to produce the errors), and is generally angry about this budget-earned thing.

She might explode. She might yell... she will probably attempt to commandeer FoB as if she was his boss. this should be interesting.

2010.05.18 (16:46): The Feed

Category: Books
Posted by: modi123
hive mind zombies (well when more than two gather)..
bloggers keeping the world safe...

social commentary..

on the must read list.

Feed (Newsflesh, Book 1) [Mass Market Paperback]
Mira Grant (Author)
# Publisher: Orbit; 1 edition (May 1, 2010)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0316081051
# ISBN-13: 978-0316081054

2010.05.18 (08:59): Oh the things folks have done..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Today was mildly more amusing than most. Last Friday was a Core-Legal-Lunch meet up and if I had to hear one more time from the waiter about Susan's lack of meat consumption or injection and why she would not want meat with her nay-hos I was going curl up in a laughing fit. Very subtle hints there Mr. Waiter. Then again I blame Susan for having such a revealing shirt unbuttoned. She was just throwing herself out there for the greater good of attention and ogling. Then again I hear that's how court cases are won.

On another note I am waiting for my confirmation of two tickets to the Yankee v Royals game in August. I guess it takes 48 hours (max) to verify I got my shit ordered. Hello $150 (each) tickets! Though five rows back above the left half the visitor's dugout.. even with 3rd base line. Foul ball territory and what not.

I had to snicker at my buddy's wife getting shingles for her two year anniversary gift. I thought that shit was eradicated and only afflicted the bad kids from dirty homes in elementary school. I should brush up on my diseases. This is probably why I am not in med school. Hopefully they can lase that shit from where ever it hides in the body.

On a positive note Brad is so far not at work and his phone is not buzzing, nor have I received my unwanted updates on the Shockers. Let's hope it stays that way and I can stop filing down my recyclable shank.

2010.05.17 (16:23): A slow death..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Brad I swear to the gods of today and of yore I will make your death the most painful and drawn out process there has ever been.

Your faults are listed as so:
1. your vibrating cellphone. It goes off every (on average) 1.2 minutes. I know - I counted. *bzz* *bzz* If you are getting that many phone calls turn off the vibrate.... notice how the screen lights up? You should be used to it by now.. deal with it.. let everyone live in peace.
2. Conference calls on speaker phone.. yup.. those go to a huddle room or for the love of god get a god damned headset. No one fucking cares and I am going to start hanging around mic range and start dropping noises and swear words whilst you are on it.
3. How fucking hard is your job Brad? It seems not that much since you are on one of your phones for more than 3/4 the day talking about some girls basketball or softball team called the shockers. Good god almighty. That's *personal* time and frankly your scouting reports of the other teams, the issues with so and so's ball handling confidence, and girl-on-girl interpersonal relationship webs is just not good general conversation. Yes.. we can all hear you.

In short, shut your filthy fucking mouth Brad.. do some work for once. Turn off the vibrate on your damn phone.. and perhaps you will be spared.

God I hate you so much and overtly you seem like a nice guy. I believe you are attempting to drive me insane so I quit. That's a bad option Brad... a very bad one indeed.

On the plus side BJ's kept his noises to a minimum. This work place might just snap my soul.

2010.05.14 (10:29): Okay.. minor crisis averted..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
The super secret news falloutboy had was the rumor the WingCommander was leaving or looking to leave. That's bad.. see.. right now the brain drain we are experience is mostly made up of what I come to think as The Believers. The folk who, at their core, believed in what this department was doing and how to make it work best for the company and the people who make it up. Chris B.'s rumored retiring.. the Knott brothers... and now The WingCommander? This isn't good. Those of us that believe in what was and what we could be are becoming jaded with this new rule and are leaving quietly and in small clusters.

'tis a sad day if these rumors hold true.

2010.05.14 (09:18): Oh rumors.. what now?

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Posted by: modi123
Damn you Falloutboy! Don't IM teasers like:
FoB: "I got some information out of so-and-so... sort-of."
Me: "Oh yeah? Like what?"
FoB: "Get your resume ready. I'll tell you when we go get some mountain dew".

Really? Damn you.

2010.05.13 (09:54): Mhmmm.. Wonder Years..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
It appears Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years is going to be in Maxim... Oh Wonder Years.. I watched a few episodes on ION and man.. those took me back.

It appears Amazon doesn't have the series on DVD.. bastards.

geekologie article that started it all.

So I shall have to make the uber creepy purchase and get me this issue... hang the pictures on the wall... hahaha..

2010.05.12 (15:05): The Exodus begins..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Well.. this is becoming bad news. Two people are leaving that I know of. One was one of the original head boss guys who I actually trust his comments and that he has the best concern for this department always in the fore front. He was always quick with crazy insightful comments, was a hilarious artist, and this place will suffer without him. The other guy is.. well.. meh.

Now I hear that there are *more* people leaving and that concerns the certain people (in my shrinking pool of people I can rely on) and that concerns me.

It feels like the rats are fleeing the sinking ship... well the smart rats... like the rats of NIHM.

Am I the stupid rat for sticking around? By the looks of it the brain drain is culling the smart folk with a family and a desire to support them while having a sane work-life balance. These are people with crazy system knowledge. We will be at a head where a distinct reality sets in that our older systems in maintenance will no longer have people that can answer the "how and why".

We shall see who else leaves... depending on the outlook I may start actively searching. If that's the case then falloutboy will leave. That's a given.

Maybe I'll move to Seattle. I hear it's nice up there.

2010.05.11 (14:27): Bah.. No flugtag this year..

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Posted by: modi123
Carlos affirmed he received a package from ground control.. a box containing mini redbulls... and a letter apologizing that we did not get in. I think we need to 'fabulous' up presentation.. video.. websites... the whole works...

2010.05.03 (15:31): Gencon..

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Posted by: modi123
Random info to muse on..

gen con

August 5-8, 2010

4-Day Badge
VIGs will receive a 4-Day badge to Gen Con Indy and a specially-designed badge holder, as a mark of distinction.

VIG Lounge
Enjoy the comforts of a private VIG Lounge, near the action but away from crowds and noise. Lounge features include:

Early Exhibit Hall Access
Beat the crowd and gain an additional hour in the exhibit hall prior to general admission into the hall.

VIG Companion Badges
Anyone who purchases a VIG Package has the option of purchasing up to two VIG Companion badges, available Pre-Registration, Registration and Onsite in the VIG Lounge. Each Companion badge is $100 and acts as a 4-Day badge.

Pre-Registration * (January 24 June 19)
4-Day badge $68

Pre-Registration * (January 24 June 19)
VIG Package + $500

* There is a 6% admissions tax for all badges, in compliance with Marion County laws. The same tax will be charged both online and onsite for all badge sales.

250 for a flight..
500 for the VIP badge..
about 300 for the hotel..
right there it's a grand getting in the door..
Let alone food.. cab costs.. booze.. and purchasing material (250ish).. About five hundo there..
Assuming I want to go uber-geek and VIG that shit up it's about fifteen hundred bucks.. wow.. hmm..

Now.. only 68 for the badge.. well that's presents an interesting combination.
= 250 + 68 + 300
= 618..
So pushing more of a straight up grand... intriguing... veeeeeery intriguing.

2010.05.01 (13:14): Well one mystery solved..

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Posted by: modi123
I was dutifully paying my bills a few minutes ago and got to my credit card. My balance was significantly lower than I remembered. A mild annoyance panic attack ensued as I envisioned my weekend was evaporating into phone calls to customer service. So I peeled back this March's statement. Mkay.. nothing odd.. the usual finance charges and the gym. Okay.. so I go back to April's statement. Okay.. there was my River donation to the phone-a-thon.. there's my gym membership.. finance charges... oh wait.. what the fuck?! Does that say I paid 2,000 last month!!? Shit fuck.. okay.. so I crack open my saved receipt and yup.. mother fucker I typed an extra zero on my payment...

Well that problem solved... I was semi relieved that now I know where my tax refund went to (well part of it)... I was starting to think B-Rock was shorting me. Nope.. I just fucked up and hit zero one too many times. That would also account why my checking account was lower than the usual high tide. *sigh*

It's a good thing that my credit card balance will be smaller than my student loans in a few months, right?