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2009.09.29 (11:40): Dumb, dumb, dumb..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
A buddy of mine at work was gearing for a wedding next month. A year or so in planning. Cool. I wasn't invited but I understood. It comes to light that the fiance' got cold feet last week, left their co-habitat,and called off the wedding.

Rhythm is a Dancer!

A mutual friend goes to the admin people for my department and says 'hey - do not send out a card for the wedding, and email about it, or what ever.. it has been postponed'. The snooty admin people affirm and the weekend happens.

I get to work today to get this giant email to the whole department:

" is getting married!!! IT.Administration has a card for everyone to sign. We are also taking donations for a gift card for the happy couple. You will all have until October 16th to come down, sign the card and donate $$ if you’d like. "

Oh shit. Really? I was pleased it was back on again! Then I started thinking..ah.. what if it was a mistake. Sure enough the claim was "my bad I forgot to delete the auto email that was supposed to be sent Friday but instead was sent Tuesday and it shouldn't have been sent at all.". So wait.. not only did you screw up the date it was supposed to be sent but you neglected to DELETE IT after someone told you that it was postponed because the ten seconds was too much for something this delicate? Arg!
Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
I have decided to intervene on this whole "bloopers working 30 hours a week" load of crap. Jefe was busy with a meeting all day, DK is off training, and that left me with only being able to email jefe about if she was busy. *sigh*

Today he got here at 10.05a.. left at 11.35a to 13.00 for his lunch break (though he brought it back with him)... disappeared for 15 minutes.. and will probably leave at 5.15 or so.

This should be interesting wording to keep jefe off every one's back but Bloopers. Now if I can figure out the combination of words to get him fired it would be a sweet deal. Ha.. Doubtful. The might give him a raise!

2009.09.22 (17:02): One bug down..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Under specific circumstances a tester was able to trigger a bug. The steps leading up to tripping said bug were given to me, then I spent three days pestering the tester to show me exactly what they were doing (I could not replicate the bug).

Lo and behold there were a grip of other steps in there. *sigh* Okay. I was able to distill a fifteen minutes of steps into about four minutes of pertinent actions that caused the problem. Fun. Unfortunately I spent the better part of four days sifting through one vb logic branch then had to jump to another. Then into a myriad of stored procedures. Great.

Thirty minutes ago I found the issue... it came down to reinitializing a variable to null. Why null? No idea. I don't care. All I care about is in this one specific procedure there are three if-statements. The variable in question is the output for a stored procedure called in each of those if statements. THAT procedure has internal logic that says 'if this value is null do this.. else do that'. The variable that controlled that was not being cleared out between if statements.

My fucking god. I am ecstatic that I found it. I am horrified that such an elementary thing occurred.

My mind hurts.

2009.09.22 (15:26): Next book on the list..

Category: Books
Posted by: modi123

2009.09.17 (09:31): Arrrg..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Falloutboy is now trying to pressure me to say something to DK about bloopers being MIA from his desk. Yesterday he clocked 6.25 hours (5.95 if you count his 20 minute bathroom/nintendo ds game time).

It really hasn't come up in conversation yet with DK and these cubes are not helping with private tattle conversations. *sigh*

BJ and I are now the primary Control Budget guys. yeppie.

2009.09.14 (17:02): Reunion..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Saturday September 5th was Day 2 of my 10 year high school reunion. I opted against Day 1's festivities of our school's foot ball game, a tail gate party, and a thing up at the Prestige. It sounded too family orientated. Day 2 was the binge drinking during the husker game. Whoo hoo.

I was fairly stoked going in and glad I went. Many people were down on the idea of going.. but hell that's what reunions are for. See who's changed, what's up, and provide a good reason for people who may or may not have known each other ten years ago congregate.

I was pleased by the turn out and who I ran into. Dave Neilson/Nelson got me up to date on a trio of guys I used to hang out with in school and junior high. Houser was amusing because she knew of people I still hang out with... Folley for calling Houser out as being a debater... Gainey for not changing.. Boyscout guys (3/4 of us were there).. Gatewood for keeping me up on Higgens and a few other folk. Grosskopft was great and just as insanely funny. Only one guy was really a dbag which was unfortunate since he was a decent guy back in the day. Oh well.

I do have to say I was a bit enamored by a few of our class girls. Unfortunately they were not moving too much and I had a hard time getting to one of them in particular before she up and left. A later cursory internet search turned up little information. Drat. Now that I am more sober I might try again.

Towards the end it was getting a bit annoying.. the pity look for not being married nor having children was grating my nerves.. then (probably with the helpful hand of a keg of beer) I was becoming annoyed at even BEING annoyed. Either way I wandered out at midnight to head home. 7.30 to midnight was a good stretch. Now I need to start acquiring some facebook people from my grade.

Tally ho!

2009.09.08 (10:30): Move: Pending..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
The move is happening today. I see movers here and one tech guy to disassemble our pcs. Other teams are waiting around while their stuff is moved, but I am writing this while compiling and writing bug reports. Yeppie.

Side note it seems bloopers opted for a 5.5 hour day on Friday. Falloutboy is seething with anger and talked with DK about it. DK indicated he hadn't noticed, didn't have teh numbers, and told Falloutboy "this was the reason why I wanted you two to move desks [in the last move]". Great.

We'll see if this bloopers activity still occurs in the new office.

Interesting enough - Jefe is missing from today. Thankfully she was able to be here Friday to pack up her office (unlike last time when the office secretary had too).

2009.09.04 (14:35): The "Move"!

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Once again my work environment is in upheaval. The long standing rumor of moving to the 7th floor is now a reality come next Tuesday. After years of being funneled into smaller and smaller confines they are busting everyone back to cubes. *sigh* I still remember part of the selling point of working here (well back when I was being interviewed) was everyone got their own office. That happened for maybe four or five months but that's about it.

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