Our databases for testing are offline today and so we are cleaning up documents, updating them, filing them, and so forth. I laugh heartily at two documents: tips and tricks, and best practices. I foggily remember meetings years ago about how we are to fill up these both with respective nuggets of knowledge and make the world a better place.


Not so much.

Both documents have two headings: VB code and SQL. Under each are one lonely, empty, bullet point. I laughed, then checked the creation date for the files. November 2007.. I laughed more. I am unsure if this setup is something indicative of our team or being busy.

Side note Jefe's madre passed away sometime in the last few days. I only know this because there was a sympathy card that went around today with a post it note on it. If I didn't see that on my desk I would not have a single clue where she is.

I mean we barely got notice she was leaving June 17th... had no idea when she was getting back (August 17th)... then she spends that day doing something.. a half day on Tuesday.. and a no show on Wednesday. While I have the utmost sympathy for her, I have to balk at the lack of communication on her behalf. Not even an email back in June that she was leaving. No email indication when she was getting back..

So it goes for my team!