I was going to officially declare today a nice day, but after a quick review I am not sure if even a blue ribbon committee could do that.

Most of my day has been going through my code that was, up until today, stable and working. DK has been feverently working on rewriting the Versioning (this is the basis of the whole system) these last two weeks and checked in the changes. He made sweeping statements about things might not work - well no shit we write broken code here (lullz) - but he wasn't kidding.

Let's see:
- my contract change table won't load things right.
- the contract change picklist won't load things
- the 'is checked out to user' doesn't work correctly the first time it is called.
- context information is not passed to my tab
- I had to rewrite all my loads to combine them on the server in the most annoying fashion.
- grids that were working like a charm are now reporting crazy columns that never should come up.

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. He then later came into my office to inform me he is changing how the contract change data is stored. No.. .no longer is it in a nice little table - that would be too freaking simple. Nay, it is being stored in the item details rows. wow.. just wow. Why wasn't this fairly important decision discussed.. I don't know.. a year ago when it was being built by me? These things shouldn't just crop up!

Oh, and Jefe don't think you were not part of the problem today either! What? Those three text boxes you want enabled now? Bullllllshit. I made them writable back in March. In July you chastised me for having them enabled and told me to disable them. Now you want them enabled again? This is why we need written requirements from them.... oh well. By now I am too jaded to let the casual reference that I did something wrong get me down. At this point in the game all things have been changed and were changed because of DK and bowser.

On a plus side I had another Lawyer-Lunch-Date. Oh how fun is it. Travis, Mary, Susan, Leanne, Amy/Anna Lee/Anna-Jo-Lynn/Allie (damnit Mary! I am certain I would have her name, but you made a sly joke about not knowing girls names. Perhaps it's just my brain saving space since she's hunting for a trophy-doctor-husband. What ever), and two cherub faced newbies. What a fun time, though there should have been more hazing of the new guys.

On a side note I laugh heartily at you all getting your "teams". What a great way to hire more middle managers and then fire them as a positive action for budget cuts!

Maybe the day isn't that bad....