Anna and Tad were bound to leave sooner than later. They telegraphed this a month or two in advance, right? It still blows hard that they are gone. As their time was winding down last weekend was a mixed bag of labor and love. Tad and I did our things.. talked with Anna as our things.. moved shit.. sweated.. hugged and bailed before stupid eye waters started falling.

Let's see.. Friday night was Interstellar with Tad.. iMax that sucker up.. did the usual trade off of someone buying a ticket and the other candy.. I made the usual crack about him not being able to use the machine.. he made the usual crack about the idiots in line and not using the automated booths..

Blue icys and twizzlers around with the usual yammering before the show... both trying to hold off making some geek ass comment like "dooooood I can't wait until we see that last Hobbit movie!".. because.. well.. we won't. We won't see Rise of ultron or the others.

Interstellar was a good movie.. worth the review out in the cold afterwards that turned to the normal chatter about comics.

Saturday was an impromptu "let's go get comics in the snow".. coolio. I thought we were heading to Legends, but instead rolled to the Dragon's Lair 90th. comic there, and a slow drive home to deposit and read.

Sunday I swung over to help move heavy crap, but spent a lot of time just in awkward silence as folks were trying to tap dance around everyone leaving. We traded the usual range of funny Anna stories (pujoles, the "silly monkey", and the "what does an indian do")..

A lot of Anna's lady friends were in and out, but mostly it was Chris, Tad, and I moving stuff. I think I was the first to flee before I got all sorts of weepy.

Damn them for leaving. Hopefully they find awesome adventures out on the east coast!