I was pulled out of work for a day long ESOP conference, and beebopped around all day there picking up new information, and slowly immersing myself in the whole 'employee stock owner program'... On my way home (an hour earlier than usual) I get the idea - hey, why not pay off my car.. I got like six payments left, right?!

I get home, crank out some numbers, and see that sure.. I can take the hit now, but would be better off for it. I call up the bank and pepper them with some question, and the guy levels with me that I have three times as much to pay off as I assumed. Just because my current book has six slips left it doesn't mean I am done.. no, see.. they print out books of thirty-six and mail them to you.. when thirty six are done you still get ANOTHER book (up to 36) for the rest.

Son of a bitch! Here I was all jazzed that the light was close to the end of the tunnel, but that was just a fucking flicking bulb. No.. you got whole mess farther to go... at least a year and a half... not just half a year.

Frik! Drik! Damngnabbit!

That and this potential other job ended up being filled. Ugh..