Secret Project #2 - designated "Wood Woe Wilson" has now struck out from the safety of planning and into the wilds of the testing stage. A split decision pushed me to head out into the heat to get some supplies from DickBlick (two colors of acrylic, two brushes, paint additive, and a four part plastic paint holder)... then off to Lowes (sand paper, sand paper block, painter's tape, four one foot long piece of shit wood).

Now it's time to wash my hat (lord knows it is giving an awful funk), prep my work area, and start testing paint application on varied surfaces treated with a few different grits of sand paper... then a drying and testing various color combinations applied to first coat.

If all goes well and I find a combination that works the testing phase ends, any extra paint I may need will be purchased, a clear coat can of shelac (though I might have some of that), and the actual final piece of wood composite will be ferreted out for application. Baby steps first on this crazy adventure.

This of course is vastly different from Secret Project #1... designated "Pieces of What".