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2014.10.29 (16:26): HP Sprout

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
I swear I am getting as wound up like a kid on christmas for this whole new Sprout interface. Blended reality, intuitive displays.. and futuristic implementation.

Serially.. a 3d scanner, projector, 20 point touch pad.. the ability to use the pad as a second screen/interface for games.. as a keyboard.. scan things.. pull things from your screen to your pad.. aaaaaahhhghghh! Amazing!

This can totally be extrapolated for a Surface Pro 3. One of those blade/covers can deal with the touch. The touch screen is already there. Then a mini Kinect and pico projector snap to the top. Holy shit... how amazing would that be?!

I am starting to feel as excited as I was when I heard about the MS Courier. Mmmmm.... let's hope HP doesn't ruin this some way.,news-19842.html

2014.10.23 (10:07): Topic to re-research..

Category: Projects
Posted by: modi123

2014.10.15 (10:11): To jump or not..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
I blessed to be called by many recruiters, frequently, and most are odd jobs that were not right for me. Now I am looking down at a job in an area of development I am not totally jazzed about, but would be for larger stacks of cash. For the most part I am not hurting for money now, but it would be nice to be able to accelerate the process of increasing retirement and maybe get a house.

I really dig my current place.. super great folk.. very hands off.. they treat folk as adults.. strict minimal overtime... but I know that is not always true elsewhere. Do I roll the dice for money?

2014.10.10 (11:22): Gotta get some control..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
I've been too peevish and snippy with folks recently. I don't know if that's just reaction to a bunch of stressors, or what, but I gotta get my head out of my ass.