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Orson Scott Card.. "Treason" or "A Planet Called Treason".

A reread since my copy from early 1990's went MIA.

Damn.. it's been sometime while I tried to think what the hell that book was called. Go me!

2014.07.21 (21:38): 'Fridge watch..

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Posted by: modi123
I get home to find my apartment semi-rearranged, and a new fridge.. of sorts.. in the place of the old one. The doors are on backwards, it is taped shut, and no water is hooked up to the ice maker. There are some parts in the trashcan.. I am unclear what's up, but still.. no functioning fridge.

2014.07.21 (11:06): Day six sans refrigeration..

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Posted by: modi123
Today starts day six of not having a refrigerator. Granted Sunday the office was closed (as was probably maintenance), but they were certainly there Saturday and the work week.

I just placed a phone call in, again, to the office. Vocally they seemed somewhat perplexed that this was going on since last Tuesday.. though I popped into the office to get a box Thursday and they said it was on the docket, and leaving a voice mail for them Saturday mid morning.

Honestly - I miss having ice. That and not being able to plan meals ahead with respects to ingredients or even left overs. Which, I guess, is the two primary functions of a refrigerator. Ice and keep shit cold. *sigh*

I will be curious what sort of rigamarole this will put me though.. The thing popped two circuit breakers over the course of three weeks and then went full on in on not cooling-while-running. Low ball chance they'll just turn it on, see it is somewhat cooling, and close it out.. and I am stuck with the concern "what if it goes out again?!".

Ugh. Stupid shit.

2014.07.17 (09:50): This may cost me..

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Posted by: modi123
Dear lord.. what have I stumbled on?!

After my last bag of crap from the woot 10 year anniversary I happened to notice a link to something called: lootcrate. The gist is you pay some cash a month/series of months and they send you a box of geek/gamer stuff. Stickers, shirts, toys, desktop thingies.. It.. it is like a box of crap but with crap of value.. holy shit.. this is bad.. this is really really bad. It scratches the itch for genres I am into, the anticipation for a mysterybox, and the potential to get a "mega crate" of multi-hundreds of dollars in stuff..

There seems to be a competitor though..
.. but after flipping through their past boxes .. meh.. it seems less quality.

I will have to sit on this.. ponder about getting crates.