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2014.04.29 (16:37): Outside the bubble..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Friday I made a jaunt out to Gretna to "accidentally" run into Lori and Brad out at their new bar they co-own. A little shocked (and shocked her a little) to see Cara working.. Bradly and Geno out there, but no Lori. A few beers and a shot while shooting the shit.. not quite discussing how shit shook down back in January, but just avoiding it by being past it.

Not a bad place.. except the hike and responsible adult behavior to limit the intake that far out of my bubble.

The 'before' pictures looked like hell, but quite a bit of TLC into it. Pretty small.. about the Eclipse size or a little bigger. Hopefully they do well with it.

Quite a bit sunk into it, but Brad says his business is booming.. so that helps.

2014.04.29 (16:30): Isn't that special..

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
About 1.24p on a cold and dreary Tuesday afternoon, I had a new niece brought into this world. 6lb 11oz..


2014.04.06 (03:42): A most peculiar Saturday

Category: General
Posted by: modi123
Went to bed at 5a..
rolled out at 12p to catch my niece's first soccer practice at 12.30.
Sauntered over to the comic book shop to get caught up on multiple months of back issues..
Went home,
Made lunch,
Read comics,
Did some Unity2d work..
Read more comics..
Took a nap..
Made dinner...
Did some more Unity research.
Read some comics.
Went to the 'box.
Heard about who was being hired and fired.
Closed up, cleaned up, and drove home.
AIJane had some good tunes bumping at 3.15a while I was cruising down the road.. as the only one on the road.. a nice zen moment for a quiet and hermit-ish Saturday.

I do enjoy a nice drive home where I am the only one for miles around. Serine, surreal, and somewhat fitting of my antisocial life style.