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2014.03.26 (13:46): Shout out to 'Bur..

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Posted by: modi123
She's good people, and hysterical in the ol' DMs.

"Yep! I thought that Ross talked to you on Friday. He really enjoyed the gift and was happy to get a surprise in the mail. I never had that game growing up as my brother injured himself so many times trying to be Hulk Hogan that my mom prohibited all things wrestling by the time we were in kindergarten. I'll tell Ross to give you a call this week. With Friday being Match Day, he must have forgotten."

2014.03.26 (13:45): Silly-stupid dreams..

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Posted by: modi123
Maybe it is the seasonal changes, but recently it has been a parade of bizarre ass dreams. One where I had three movie scripts I wrote, directed, and participated in.. and others less horrifying, but more mundane.

Last night was fitfully amusing where I was tasked to hang out in a modified White House/rec-center.. and The Lawyer had a cute miniature pig and a hipster miniature kid (goat). By that let me clarify - it was a mostly white top half, and black bottom/legs. Yes.. it looked like he was wearing black skinny jeans. This is all in addition to Das Ben and the Luckster.

I may have an issue or two... or my subconscious found the next best gift for an up and coming birthday for The Lawyer.

2014.03.24 (13:23): How did I miss this?!

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Posted by: modi123
Nine Inch Nails: "Live: and all that could be"

... or did I buy the CD and somehow misplaced the bastard?!

2014.03.18 (15:49): The waiting game..

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Posted by: modi123
After dragging my feet I got Bossman's birthday gift shipped off via UPS. Hopefully he enjoys it... hell.. hopefully the f'n thing gets there in one piece. I mean I used quite a bit if bubble wrap but the old UPS couple dumped in foam peanuts and a bit more secure taping.

It's been an interesting project - for sure, and I am glad it came together as well as it did.

- The main item - $x
- shadow box - $10.00
- foam board - $2.5
- new cutting mat - $15
- a new t-square - $8
- razor/exacto blades - $2
- shipping - $13
- an Arb's gift card. - $10

FFS.. that's $60.5+x ! Damn. That spiraled out of control.

2014.03.18 (01:30): Surivved..

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Posted by: modi123
After a night of insane TV with 'Being Human' and Archer.. I am off to the bars for my green beer, green drinks, and carbombs... shockingly I had all, and then was the consummate gentleman to pay for Morgan's tab (as she left with some guy), part of Jessie's tab (as she left with her ex), and offered to make a gas station run for some lady products for A5.

I left there to wheel over to the eclipse for more rum, a talk about authors, and then home.

Thankfully I packed Bossman's birthday gift up.. abet missing some extra material.. god damn it all.

2014.03.12 (23:51): Oddities abound..

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Posted by: modi123
It has been twice now my neighbor upstairs was carted off by the ambulance in about four nights.. something about pain meds and such.. strange.. strange..

2014.03.05 (23:49): The question...

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Posted by: modi123
Oddly enough... on this Marti Gras day of days I was broached with the question of 'why'. A question I have dropped relationships for because it was not asked, and that I have held relationships in question because of ... 'Why'.. why do I do what I do, for the bar(s) that I do? Where do my loyalties lie, etc... this was approached after a night of casual drinking and then ramped up by Fred, Bradly, Druitza, and friend took my evening into a whole realm of debate topics that I only minorley prepared for..

After the nostalgia evening, Justin asked the question of 'why?'.... and I tried to articulate, and a unravel (with out being a total emotional dbag) the reasons why I give more than the average two shits to folks here.. Minor topics like mom's salon, being a boyscout, friends first, and do what you must for family came up.. nothing indepth, but I think the point was made that I am not your normal bear in the woods, but care on a deeper level for the culture and relationships that have become of my time in the 'Box (and Eclipse) than those that I would have missed if I would have gone to grad school or cared less about.

Happy fucking Matrti Gras indeed.