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Posted by: modi123
I figure I could chuck this into a small tutorial.


Hopefully the gloss sealer doesn't melt the foam/paint/etc/ Testing tonight.

2013.07.17 (11:59): Blerch..

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Posted by: modi123
I didn't yog last night - too busy painting my arts and crafts..

I ran a bit late for work, and when I got here there was.. an issue.. that I should have known/fixed/didn't cause running for a few days. One of those - suck your bits into your belly, bowels clutching in fear/paranoia/self loathing sort of things.

So far it seems to have been okay.. blown over and what not... but fuck.. fuck.. fuckity fuck.

I knew the end of last week was too good, but I tamped down that pessimistic gremlin that says "shit is going too well, you fucked something up! Go check everything that is anything it could be!".


2013.07.16 (15:47): Yogging; time to try again?

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Posted by: modi123
I think I might try and start up a yogging routine, ya know? I believe it's a little over a mile from my door, out of my apartment complex, around the loop next to the fancy neighborhood, and back to my door.

There are a few things working against me..
1 - shoes. Though I am not sure how much that really really matters in this slow paced yog.
2 - general embarrassment of being gawked at my dbag neighbors.
3 - a few years of wrong conditioning with sled presses, infrequent tredmilling, and calf raises.

Stupid TheOatmeal for making me think more about.

We'll see.

2013.07.16 (12:09): Volunteering...

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Posted by: modi123
Through an odd series of synapse jumps I am considering weighing my options for doing volunteer work with either:

Citizens in Omaha Police Service (C.O.P.S.)

Fire Corps

hmmmmmmmm... I don't know of anyone in either and I am unclear if there is some sort of hard core time commitment or if sporadic weekends are okay.
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Posted by: modi123
Fingers full of mod podge glue.. three layers on and one coating the edges..
Paints purchased..
Supports made..
One wasted container of super glue that was already dried..

Now I think I need popsicle sticks for structural support and actual super glue that glues and I may be able to slap some paint down.

I realized I have issues cutting, with an Exacto-Knife, in a straight line.. it is straight-ish, but not straight-straight. Fuck.

So far no injuries for playing with sharp objects!

To HyVee I go for wood sticks and glue!

2013.07.10 (10:25): FFS - Hobby Lobby again?!

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Posted by: modi123
Yesterday afternoon I was struck with the desire to get a hands-on crafty project started... by the time I left work I had a shopping list for Hobby Lobby.. and.. *SHOCKINGLY* they had what I needed.

So.. as it was.. yesterday I cleared of my impromptu work station, cranked up the AC, and started slicing and dicing for Secret Project. The prototype may actually take flight this time (unlike the other failed prototypes of Secret Projects Past).

I shall deem this one: Secret Project #5: (it is) Dangerous to go Alone.

Now a shopping list of acrylic paints.. the need for some glue.. and to investigate the wonders of this 'mod podge' glue-ish stuff I picked up.

2013.07.08 (14:38): Follow uzicopter

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Posted by: modi123
uzicopter.. for hella fun 80's themed visuals.

2013.07.02 (14:21): Fantasy UI guy to follow

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Posted by: modi123
For my future self:

following because of his UI work on Oblivion and Tron Legacy with Gmuck.