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Man.. I have no idea what is up for today, but shit seems like I am seeing it off kilter, or at least a few steps behind the world. ugh. I was a good boy and stayed home to watch some Defiance (heh - someone in the show loves Courtney Love/Hole because the cover art of "Nobody's Daughter" was on the Mayor's wall), and the first new episode of Warehouse 13.. but today.. shit just seems bad. Blanked on my work password.. ugh.. jacked up a move.. sort of feel blah..

Is it the impending May snow?

I just want to crawl back into bed, sleep for a few hours, and try this day over again.

2013.04.23 (13:21): Frick'n, frack'n dirtnibit!

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My domain I have been obsessing over for the last six years is now on the auction. A whole "make an offer"... with a minimum of fifteen hundred. Are you freaking kidding me?! Funk that.. I am going to get an auction account and see how he likes sixty five dollars.

2013.04.22 (10:34): Maturity.. it comes is all forms.

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I was running late to work with the rain (it causes people to not drive well.. like snow.. but less forgivable).

As it is I rushed my morning routines of logs, flat out ignored the giant email backup from being off Friday, and was all sorts of chipper-as-fuck in the meeting. I even got to throw out the 'with great power comes great responsibility' out when I mentioned that I bundled up my push notification calls (and SMS ability) for folks to use.

After that I was starting in on deep log reviews, and it happened.. again and again.. and again. Whistle's phone kept blurting out "Bazinga" at irregular intervals. This shit has been going on for weeks... and finally.. today.. with all the bosses at The Conference it is awesomely silent in the office... except for 'bazinga!' going off.

I figured I better stop this growing tide of rage and just silent the guy's phone because, clearly, he wouldn't have it going off if he was in the cube. I go over there and loe-and-behold he's in his cube. I grit my teeth, make a small polite joke about how that ringer is causing me to go insane, and if he would please silent it. I mean a visual cue is hard for what ever it is alerting him to?

It seems he did take my advice and either changed the ring tone or just made it silent.. a wise choice this morning.

See - childish me would have made sure the phone had an 'accident'.. polite and adult me was able to realize there was a growing issue, took action, and did not result in property or person damage. Thumbs up to me.

2013.04.18 (16:35): To read: UI Design.

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2013.04.18 (01:38): How the hell...?

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A quick run to the gas station turns into a three bar hop.. how the hell does that happen? A visit to Katlin at the Eclipse.. a few new shots there.. then the 'Box.. and a Lori#1 and I follow Woody to Clancy's for his bday.. then Woody disappears to talk to a lady friend in GA... and I, and Lori#1, talk for two hours about bars, scenes, having babies, and finding the right person for me... Lori#1 pays the tab (against my will), we leave, it's raining, and Woody is still talking to that broad..

wtf Thursday morning at 1.30am?!

2013.04.17 (09:59): 99 Chillout Classics? Yes!

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You can't beat 99 instrumental songs for a buck-ninty-nine. Awesomesauce on a rainy-blah day.

99 Must-Have Chillout Classics

Now to coordinate this lunch with a recruiter.

2013.04.16 (13:37): Two day scramble..

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Client's user sends response survey indicating: "Not getting email notices, everyone else is. Not happy".

I look into it and see my app indeed sent *FOUR* emails to the user _AND_ her admin.. I replied to our contact to explain that and figured it was an issue of junk mail filtering.

Our point of contact responds today with: "Traveler says they were getting the emails, but not as fast as the travelers around her were".

We looked into more on our side and we couldn't find anyone else, from that client, who would have been traveling with this user.. We let the PoC know this.

Point of contact sends back: "User was referencing other passengers in the terminal".


2013.04.10 (15:56): Damn you twitter!

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It seems the Deputy Administrator of NASA is answering twitter questions.. for some f'n reason I decided to smash serious question (what can a civilian do to help nasa) with a jackass (got any jobs for me?!). Geeze, what do I think this is - tiny town? The big ol' "deputy" in the title should have kicked me into a bit more coherent and less juvenile tweet.

*sigh* Stupid weather and lack of decent sleep has me all up in crazy land.

2013.04.09 (16:53): Momentum - need to pick it up

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Time to make a more concerted effort to getting back on track for a stable gym-class schedule. It's been way too f'n choppy and losing effectiveness.

Instead of sporadically "when I feel like it" once or twice a week I need to start lumbering towards thrice a week.

Sunday - already done.
Tuesday - A toughie, but so far so good.. a bit cranky and tired, but I should be able to fire through.
Thurs or Fri: ??

Let's shoot for maybe coming out of spring hate'n myself a wee bit less than I do now.

Kick-ass motivation; activate!

2013.04.05 (16:25): Not crazy, but realistic

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Kurt's signed 'In Uetero' book was $25 a pop.. I could squeeze out $50.. but there are people throwing around three hundo on a chance.

Come one phone-a-thon! It was meant to be so it must be!


2013.04.05 (15:42): In for the penny..

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The River's Phone-a-thon has been a disaster for me.

I missed out on just up and buying the signed vinyl Garbage album..

I donated $50 for two cracks at a Halestorm signed guitar and, subsequently, Blue October signed guitar. No dice.

I donated $25 this morning for a chance at a signed Beastie Boys album.. no luck.

I donated another $25 this afternoon for another Halestorm guitar, and no luck.

So in for a hundred.. and sometime this afternoon is a signed Nirvana song book. Erh.. mah.. GERB!

2013.04.04 (14:25): Wo ist mein Hut?

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Going on three years with my current hat.. so I embark on looking for a new one. A strike out at the place (on ebay) that I got my current one (though they have the plain jane field hat).. the hat before that's site just has god awful gaudy ones.. everywhere else it is just hard to get up into that 8 1/4 - 8 1/2 range and find something that looks good.

Damn you giant glorious brain!

2013.04.04 (11:04): Shut it...

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The amount of bullshit emails I get at work for people trying to sell/give away Creighton tickets is getting obscene.

I would write up an outlook rule but it would be hard to not catch unwary emails in that net. ugh.

2013.04.03 (10:11): Odd last few days..

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Friday: GI Joe, and breaking up a bar fight.

Saturday: Day drinking with Bossman, Mrs. Bossman, and the Lawyer.. and randomly finding more weddings to officiate through my Lawyer's leprechaun/impish associate..

Saturday evening - fun at Bruce's with his family.

Sunday: kicking it with Pete (as pops is out of town), joining Lori's family for Easter up at the 'box, and season finale of The Walking Dead.

Monday: I thought it was the season finale of 'Being Human', but that is next week. Bossman randomly calls me at 9 and we meet up at the 'box. He insists on playing the 'Thunder from Down Under' photohunt. Winning handle "SS Manhandle".

Tuesday: Check in with pops for dinner, and head home to get some animation coding done. On a whim I head to karaokee and chat with that circle.

Last night I, grudgingly, accepted to take middle sister's ticket (so the youngest sister has an escort) to this "medium" Rebecca Rosen. It seems middle sister couldn't find someone to watch the kids. Then it struck me - why the hell am I not watching the kids and the girls can go off to this "medium" for their "totes not cold reading"?!

Bing bam boom I have now a not seeing the "medium", I won't be kicked out for heckling, and life is grand. Awesome sauce!

Now I just need to print out the itinerary my sister provided (in nearly five minute intervals) and follow that to a T. She seemed to have missed the part where I launch bottle rockets with them ugh.