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2011.07.30 (01:07): It keeps on pouring...

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Posted by: modi123
Now my bastard phone's LCD went out. FML.

2011.07.29 (18:26): Two ton paper weight..

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Well that's a fun experience.

Driving home I am all like "Man - what wire is burning now in Bubbi?", and Bubbi was all "Surprise mother fucker! I am burning!". I then said "like woah! Ditch over off 144th and Maple in that drive off to the corn field and shut this mother down!". The billow of smoke and noxious fumes was intense!

I get out inspect the engine - no problems. I start up my car and notice my floorboard on the driver's side is smoking. Woah - I peel back the floor covering and see a smoldering hole! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I poke it with my keys and see concrete! Awesome! Foot ventilation! A few quick phone calls and one cooled off Bubbi later I am cruising into Jensen Tire. I sprint in the door to tell them they need to check out my car tomorrow since it started on fire! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck again. The online estimators put it at 240-1200 bones. Hmm.. if it's the cheap side then I might do it. If it's not then I am unsure what to do. Do I have a choice?

Pops snagged me and I am now home.. sans vehicle and only enough bread and sandwich meat for one dinner sandwich. Gay. Time to start pricing some cars for Bubbi Mark-II.

Achievement unlocked: Hot Feet!
Bubbi's driver side floor board burnt a hole through.

2011.07.28 (09:56): On the nature of cons..

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Posted by: modi123
I entered a random twitter drawing for a plane flight and hotel room at DEFCON next week. It would be amusing to win, and I am not sure how work would take that since I have no paid time off.

What would I bring? I would probably have to go snag a laptop for sure. Fist fulls of cash (don't trust ATM machines at DEFCON), some black tshirts, and sun screen?

I skimmed through the lectures at DEFON (I would still have to pay the $150 for the four day registration) and I wonder 'why' I would go. I mean I am not a hard line furry toothed geek, I am not a crypto head, a security specialist, or Federal anything. I just know that going would be insane and something to check off the ol' list.

That left me wondering about other cons I need to visit. GenCon for the gamer in my past (out in Indy). That would just be me squealing like a girl and buying up tons of d&d-esque merch. ComicCon out in San Diego would be a blast for the all around geekness. I would also like to hit up a TechEd by Microsoft before I tank my career on an orgry of code, coke, and callgirls.

DEFCON, ComicCon, GenCon, and MS TechEd. Yeah I think I can eventually get my act together to hit those. Heh. Monday might be interesting if I win. How to convience boss that it's a good idea.

2011.07.28 (00:08): Thoughts before next year..

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Four years ago I was sleeping in the eighth floor visitor's area of the UNMC tower. Mojo went in and shit was not good. A scant two and a half weeks later she wouldn't leave. Am I a better person from then? Have I become just that jaded and altered? How far? Have I achieved what my four year younger self was setting out to do?

Who knows. I think those are better questions for the start of the five year observance.

2011.07.27 (12:39): July 27th..

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I remember where I was - a little past 12.30pm on Friday July 27th four years ago. So it begins.

2011.07.23 (18:52): Horseman's Park Wedding

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Everyone - here's the run down.

Rene. She's a dance teacher (may own her own studio) in a new by town and an esthetician. She has an adorable little girl (4ish?), and Rene's super nice.

From what I could gather her and Erik met a few years back, saw each other off and on, and in the last four weeks were hard core dating every day. Honest to god that's how it was explained to me. They were planning on getting married in two months in Vegas, but decided at the last minute to do it here. Rene had lined up her boss at the salon, but when he found out she wasn't planning on being at work today he got pissy and said he wouldn't do it. Then Rachel (ty's wife) was instructed to figure out how to have Ty do the wedding. I was apparently being called the last two nights (my phone must have screened those calls? who knows with Sprint) to inform me of this occasion but alas I found out for reals today by Jan.

By and by I whipped up a marriage ceremony, printed it off at Kinkos (I should buy a printer for these once in a year occasions to print things), and mosied down to Horsemans. I found Rene first, Erik was off - somewhere... We chatted, she read what was going on, and was pleased. People started arriving. Jan and John, Lou and Nancy, Anders/Emily/Steen, Dana rolled in eventually, Ty and Rachel at the last minute, Joe showed up, and right as we started Ross and Amber were in the crowd. Oh and Erik Nelson was there too.

The head of the track was all about "less than five minutes!" and once the winning horse was escorted off we ushered in to the Winner's Circle, had a brief introduction, and off we went. I was on the PA system and this was being broadcasted.. er.. simulcasted to every other place doing horse racing today. The wedding photos were done standing up near the edge of the building with people walking through. The photogs were anyone who had their own camera.

It was 105 degrees on the track so everyone was sweating their balls off, no one passed out, rings and vows were exchanged, and we were done. The place erupted with cheering, and it seems like this might have been the first time Horseman's has done this (but I doubt it). The World Herald did a brief interview with me. Awesome. I am famous.

-- 4th wedding unlocked
-- horse track/winner's circle location unlocked
-- christensen wedding unlocked
-- new shortest prep time
-- new record hottest
-- super casual attire unlocked
-- new shortest ceremony time
-- groom attire unlocked - wrestling ball cap

2011.07.20 (15:39): Fuck Apple..

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Posted by: modi123
For Peter's fucking sake... really apple? I can't seem to access your search on your developer page with anything but an untainted install of IE... no firefox.. no security... Common carriage returns/new lines throw your damn notification service out the window... wtf. I thought you were supposed to be intuitive.

Crap nuggets.

2011.07.20 (12:01): Who would have thunk it!

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I am touching an iPad2 at work and it's not burning my finger nor has it shattered in revolt. Odd.

2011.07.18 (08:22): Hot hot hot...

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Ah 82 degrees/86 heat index - you will be the best I feel in Bubbi all day. Onward and upward to 99/105 (h/i)!

2011.07.14 (09:44): Fun haters...

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Once again it is early in the morning and I am privy the coworkers calling their kids. This happens every day. Today was, once again, a reminder to the kid to get up and ready for a baseball game/practice in an hour. There was a laundry list of things to do: get up, have some breakfast, shower, get your glove and bat, be in your uniform, and don't forget your hat.

Another coworker in the opposite direction was having the usual good morning routine with their kid. I hope these kids are young.. but then again they can't be too young and be home alone, right?

Man I don't believe I was ever woke up for summer. I just know if I had something planned and I was being picked up the onus was on me... and my ass was grass if at the end of the day my folks came home and my list of shit wasn't done. Cest la vie.

In other news my Cousin got a taste of how I roll when out. we were out Tuesday (five days in a row of being out? I am broke mother f'ers!) and made the grand sweep across west-o (north to south). It turns out not a lot of shit is going on Tuesday nights but C-dizzle hooked us up at the 'Box. I think that big-boy glass of liquid cocaine did him in. While I was just exhausted from the last five nights he was way sick. I am talking Dramamine and gatoraide ill. Bwahahaha. J-dog wins again.

2011.07.08 (11:15): So long, fare well...

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Damn you Atlantis! Such a great launch watched from my cube door. Hopefully we can get 'er home and not follow a Columbia.

Now begins the inevitable discussion on the worth of the space program and manned space flight. I find the facts to be spooky. For every dollar invested the ROI is 8?! Wholly crap!

Also, as usual, XKCD puts a great spin on it:

The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space--each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.

2011.07.08 (01:02): Unhealthy coping..

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I hope my words of advice and pragmatic views help someone else deal with their loss and grief in a more healthy way than my broken self. That would be nice.
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Saturday I thought my cousin was doing a low key beer party at his place.. nope! A good chunk of the family tree was there. Ugh! People... tell me that there's going to be a ton of family folk there! I would have brought over pictures and relics!

As it was fun times... yelling at my cousin's kids, chatt'n with how everyone's going, and watching the near loss of limbs from fireworks and then wheeled across town to visit other relatives in the late hours of the night. Fuck. All on eight pints of blood.