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2010.02.23 (15:26): Damn you feet!

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Posted by: modi123
Steve Madden TROYY

Bad ass shoes that are not in my size.

Though these are interesting but I am not sure what to do with them.. a bit loud..
GBX Men's 131456-1

2010.02.21 (01:57): Saturday of interest..

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Posted by: modi123
Let's see.. I went to the Joslyn, saw priceless works of art, some stellar photography on canvas, and a few other exhibits. I sadly didn't see the 'bed room #25' which consists of the giant orange, phone, and tit. It was MIA for the exhibitions. Fallen Angels and a few others were noted.

The day progressed with me diagnosing an internet connectivity issue as Cox's fault... watching some Olympics with my buddy, his mom, and his girlfriend. Finishing up that scene with 'Trainspotting'. Odd.

I wandered home to watch the tail end of the 'cyber shockwave' panel about the USA's preparedness for a cyber attack. I was simultaneously shocked and not really surprised.

From there it was off to Bear and Loathing to swill some Bud Light with a buddy, his wive, and three other folk. That was unexpected and quite fun. I for some reason decided to pay a chunk of the tab like a certain K.W-W and settled up for ninety bones of the bill (plus tip). I didn't have much to say but enjoyed the drinking for a new cause.

So far no new shit has popped up on my webserver. Life is good... though someone called me up to help fix an alleged trojan on their laptop. I call shens and say it's malware. We shall see.

I am sad my schedule did not allow me to see my buddy from cali or her hubby and child. I shall mournz it.

2010.02.19 (10:55): Snap...

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Posted by: modi123
I just got rejected from google adsense because of "- Unacceptable site content". I am not sure what the hell that means.

2010.02.18 (15:04): Awwww fuudge...

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Posted by: modi123
Well.. shit's breaking down at work. I think there has been some closed door meetings and the outcome is either my project or the umbrella of projects as a whole have been put on a three week code freeze. Shit.. fuck.. this isn't good. Really not good. We were so damn close to keeping our schedule then suddenly all this shit crops up that's deep rooted issues. Part of the team is working on that.. I am trying to keep out testing schedule up to date... and I think it all might be for not.

On a fun note my hobbit buddy Wendy and her family should be in town today...

.. and hopefully after I get out of here I can swing by Best Buy and snag the new Foo Fighters 'best of' (cd + dvd) and new Collective Soul cd albums. Damn you easy-in-store-pickup!

2010.02.16 (22:04): Well if that don't beat all..

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Posted by: modi123
I just found two erroneous folders on my website containing 325ish php files with key words and IP addresses. Odd. Backing them up and removing them.

2010.02.16 (22:03): Pain, nausia, and leaving work..

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Posted by: modi123
About 1.30pm today I started developing a painful headache.. by 2.30pm I left with nausea, cold sweats, and the top right (front and side) in dull agony. I slammed some supa-strength Tylenol I found at work and this somewhat helped. I went home, puked, and crawled into bed to sleep what ever this is off. I woke up four hours later feeling a lot better, no head ache, and some what queasy.

A migraine?
Was Control Budget attempting to kill me off as it feels the winds of change moving against it?

Who knows.

On a related note I have arbitrarily decided to signup for google adsense. I have no particular idea of what it will be doing, or motivation outside some extra scrill for the bars.

I'll give it a month (assuming I am approved) and we can see how it pans out. I am consistently getting about 130 folk a month

Oh and Falloutboy was rumored to be offered a Maintenance Dev job or being a Techlead.. what ever either of those entail.. BJ as well with the tech lead.. not so much me.

2010.02.15 (09:36): And a hush falls..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
I was late to work today because of traffic.. some jackass had crushed in the front of his truck before the over pass. Falloutboy was texting me if I was coming in or not.. I got here and noticed many 'higher up's in full blown suits. A hush covered the floor like last nights vomit on shag carpet. It seems today is 'firing day'. Bloopers is gone... I am sad I wasn't here to see it.

We have an all hands mandatory meeting at noon. Today should be interesting. Falloutboy is deleting emails and crap. It should be good.

2010.02.10 (09:30): Something clever here..

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Posted by: modi123
I got a new a new PC at work today. I forgot it was ordered somewhere along the lines of five months ago. My aged current PC is a little over five years old - in fact the original PC I got when I started.

In other news I think I will be dropping my scam of that kid out in Geneva for a last gen 12x12 Wacom tablet for a hundred bucks. The "I lost the pen" answer is probably the breaking deal.. let alone the giant size. So no big whoop.

As I was getting gas this morning for Bubbie I noticed my local tankstella was selling the 24c drinks for fifty cents a pop. I was asked "do you want a few? I think you were the only one drinking them?". I was a gasp! I guess they were discontinuing them. So here's fair warning - keep your f'n mits off them. I decided I will buy as many of the mango flavored ones when I get off work and back stock them. Hoard them if you will.

Oh and it sounds like tomorrow is Legal Lunch sans Burrito-thief at the Palace of Mediocrity. Yeppie! Though last week's legal lunch with free pie will be hard to beat... that and everyone reading off their 'urban dictionary' name-meanings...

2010.02.04 (15:28): Helpful.. not!

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
After a stellar yesterday of legal lunch and free pie today pales in comparison and is chalk-full of annoyances and craziness.

Mentoring was fine and dandy.. a bit rushed with the potential snow but doable. I got here and found a grip of emails asking about work requests I haven't seen back from estimating and the great beyond. *ggrr*

The it was how about I fix a problem I am not even sure we *can* fix. The job screwed something up, but moved five or six versions past that until they realized what was up. It might be a simple fix.. it might not be.

The dossie of a problem came when I finally got an email back from this guy.. who put in a work item last October.. and now refuses to help find a solution or even tell me how he replicated it. Let me repeat that - he is not refusing because he doesn't know or what not.. no.. he is refusing because it's not his job and the report has all these other errors on it which makes the original one pale in comparison. Eh.. what? Thanks..

Now I have to go track down someone to validate this claim that the report is out of whack to some bad degree and hope they can replicate what ever this guy was jabbering about.

*sigh* A nice wooden bat would do well some days.