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2009.11.18 (16:58): Interesting

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123

"User points and Badges
Achievement, and more importantly, the feeling of achievement, can play a big part in social websites and games."

I bet i could work that into CB.. 'power user'.. 'most prone to error'.. 'best error found'.. 'impatient asshat'.

2009.11.12 (16:00): An thus he returns..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Falloutboy is now back.. he fixed all the issues (except for the two I am working on) before 2.30p today.. there as more talk of Jefe bashing him during a meeting with one of the top 3 guys (and a few other managers)... but then everyone else stuck up for F.o.B. How cute.

Oh and F.o.B. is going to Development team - not the Project Manager.. Jefe's going to be a project manager - manager of requirements.. greaaaaat.

2009.11.10 (18:03): Inhale them markers..

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Today was moderately amusing. I was assigned a task to data fix a chunk of the system and no idea what that part did.. so a day goes by with me flipping through procedures and attempting to figure out what the hell is going on.. mkay.. now I sit here waiting for DK to show up to verify I am not insane...

The only major blessing came from having legal lunch today! Good times except when I saw the emaciated joke of what has become of the mighty tacorito.. so sad.. I had to eat it with tears for my salt. Let's hope my biggest fan doesn't get abducted in the foreign country. With my hectic schedule it would be hard to assemble a team of mercs, roughnecks, and ex government agents to slip across the border, and pluck 'em from the jungle.

Another plus side I am going to swing by the Dick Blick store (heh..heh.. dick) and snag some prismacolor markers that are on sale.. Well assuming the store price is still legit as their online claims. It could be an interesting new directing that I can test out for cheap. Wanna get high?

Oh and we had a talk today about the new 'extended hours'.. bleh.. six months? Really? WTF? Mon-Tues normal weeks.. Mon-Thurs on month ends.. people of contact for weekends.. bleh.. no comp time either from this all.. it's "expected". Fuck that is what I say... but quietly.. since I like money and my job provides that.

2009.11.09 (16:25): Monday - gas them like badgers..

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Posted by: modi123
It's good to see my predictions are correct. After working for about three hours on Saturday over this issue with.. ah.. the Issue Setup.. we reconvened Monday. Oddly I was early (for me).. and beat most of my coworkers here.

The stand up meeting had dk and Jefe talking for about ten minutes straight regarding dolling out the four conversion issues to people so when Falloutboy shows back to work he can spend a few hours making sure the work makes sense and then we can roll them into production. Jefe quipped that it is funny since Falloutboy's gone and the problems are cropping up in his area. Then there was mention of getting more people involved in the conversion so we have everything covered.. but with Jefe 's known 'out to get Falloutboy' path it took a slightly more sinister issue.

In sum - gimp along with the work to make it look like we are doing something, but ultimately wait until Falloutboy's back. OMG I tots predicted that.

Then there was talks of having Falloutboy work all next weekend running scripts to fix what ever needs to be fixed... Do I smell punishment for taking vacation? Ha! That could just be paranoia..
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Posted by: modi123
Today was a fairly quiet day. At worst I had to continue testing this Period End stuff... at best I had to do that plus do a production move.

My day of testing went well.. especially after last nights extended bug hunt for crap that should be turned up a few things.

The reorg stuff was quiet.. and not enough back channel posturing as it has been for a while. Though Falloutboy's associate came looking for him and left quickly when they found out he wasn't here.

For some reason my head feels like it is swimming in molasses. It was playing a nice game of 'Torchlight'.. got some drawing done.. and a bit of reading... went to bed on time.. and woke up periodically through the night.

I may punt on Cara's volleyball game tonight.. bah..

2009.11.05 (18:38): Day 2..

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Posted by: modi123
Today was moderately heartening.. an unnamed individual informed me they were talking with their new boss about this whole reorg/layoff and if my name came up in the wrong pile it should be taken out and put in the safe pile. I am touched that I have someone who is championing me in the back channels.. since Falloutboy has his I was like where's minez?!

A local bar and grill was looking for a starving web designer to maintain and update their site on a periodic basis. I'm not too keen trading my services for food and beer but it could be interesting. From what I can tell it's being hosted on a 'Office Live' free account.. and is pretty shady to look at.. also it was probably designed in front page... what ever.. I'm not that desperate for cash heh..

Off to get two more gigs of RAM. Thank you best buy rewards and store pickup!

Only one mention by Jefe about my buddy abandoning me.. hmm.. I expect more to follow..

2009.11.04 (14:12): Day 0.5..

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Posted by: modi123
Falloutboy has left for his vacation out of the country. Lunch was amusing - more continual bullshit about work.

1. Cost codes will have a large issue or a few small issues that bundle to a large. No one will know what to do with Falloutboy gone.. they will go to DK.. Dk will defer to me.. and I will muddle through it... then they will be put on hold until Falloutboy returns.
2. The reorg won't happen.
3. The three strikes rules will come out and be unfair against him.
4. Dk will become increasingly more annoying since he is backing up falloutboy.
5. Other teams won't get notified about changes to their stuff since the changer does not care to communicate.

2009.11.03 (23:43): The down fall...

Category: Work
Posted by: modi123
Oh work is getting interesting.. three strike rules being thought up by the brain trust of jefe and jefe... extended hours.. weekend coverage.. general fucktardness as people run around like chickens sans heads with the layoffs hanging as the sword of damocles over our heads!

More details to come as they arrive.

95% sure jefe hates falloutboy is is actively moving to get him canned..
jefe may be factor in race as an issue to retain people..

dk is totally the b-b in that relationship..