Scattered development.


Reoccurring questions prompted me to start an outline for this sort of work... where you have a hobby project picked up by people who are new to the development field... some criticial questions and data is required to reign the project in from the infinite to something more managable with clearly defined goals and steps to achieve what you started with and keep momentum going.

1. Project goals
  1.1 What do you want out of this
  1.2 Time frame to do this
  1.3 Commitment factor
  1.4 What to do with the end product?
  1.5. When to call it quits/pull the plug?
2. everyone's skill set (big and small)
3. communication
  3.1. time zones for meetings?
  3.2 tinychat
  3.3 icq
  3.4 skype
4. Code/file locations
  4.1 some sort of github
  4.2 some sort of wiki
  4.3 google docs
5. Project write up
  5.1 Super cool project name.
  5.2 software requirments spec (precise and explicit blueprint software system)
    5.2.00 Modification history
    5.2.01 Purpose
    5.2.02 Scope
    5.2.03 Background information
    5.2.04 Glossary
    5.2.05 Environment
    5.2.06 Functional Reqs
    5.2.07 UI Spec
    5.2.08 Nonfunctional reqs
    5.2.09 Activity Diagram
    5.2.10 Data Diagrams
6. Roles
  6.1 Project Lead
   6.2 Graphics
7. How decisions are made


Videogame Development starting point